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Did you know that factory direct cabinets can be high quality? When buying a kitchen cabinet, it is easy to assume that you will never get the best quality at an affordable rate. In fact, most people believed they will need to pay extra if they want the best quality cabinet.

Normally, you would need to pay extra when you want to buy quality cabinets except you are buying factory direct cabinets. The reason is simple: most people usually buy from conventional retailers. These retailers will have to put in your order with the manufacturer and they expect to make some profit by providing their services as a middleman. However, when you purchase from ECS Cabinetry,eliminate this middleman, you can enjoy both quality and affordability.

Why Buying Your Factory Direct Cabinets/Stone Makes Sense?

Reduce Waiting Time

When you place an order for a cabinet with a conventional retailer, this retailer will, in turn, order from us (or from order manufacturers). This means that you may be left waiting for a longer period of time because you are in a line with hundreds of other customers. Typically, you can expect up to 8 weeks waiting time when you are working with conventional retailers.

You will enjoy fast lead times when you buy factory direct cabinet from us. We sell ready-to-assemble cabinets. This means you can make your custom order and pick it up at our warehouse on the same day.

Save with Affordable Rates

When you buy directly from ECS Cabinetry instead of Home Depot, you will enjoy more affordable rates. Currently, ECS Cabinetry is the only company in Angeles that sells ready-to-assemble cabinets at prices 30% – 50% below Home Depot prices. You can be able to save money and enjoy top quality cabinets when your next factory direct cabinets from ECS Cabinetry.

How much can you save when you buy from ECS Cabinetry? The average price of 10'X10' L Shape Full Size kitchen cabinets in Los Angeles is around: $3300

  • Home Depot prices: $3300

  • ECS Price:$1650+Tax which in cludes Toekick,Crown-molding and Scribe Molding.

What you will get from us are high quality Solid wood cabinetry,all come with soft closing doors and drawers.

How To Get Your Factory Direct Cabinets in Los Angeles Area

It is easy… Simply contact us immediately by calling us and you can enjoy up to 20% discount off your kitchen cabinets. We have resources and architects to make your dream cabinets come true within a few days and at affordable rates.

Any Further Concerns?

Any questions? Contact us by calling (626) 877-9288.

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