How to Maintain your Quartz Countertops and Island?

Prefab Quartz is a popular choices for countertops, backsplashes, bathrooms and more.

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If your kitchen has a countertop that is made using quartz, then there are a number of things you should follow to keep it in good condition.

  • First of all, when you purchase the material, you must try and get a suitable grade of quartz. If you ask how durable is quartz countertops, you must also know that quartz has good durability.

  • You must avoid using sharp knives that might leave scratches on the countertop.

  • Refrain from placing hot vessels or pots directly on the quartz countertop. You can use heat pads for the same.

  • Some of the quartz worktops are sensitive to certain chemicals. You should ensure that such chemicals are kept away.

  • Don't leave the hot surfaces on it for long time.

If you are using the colour white, then you must know how to clean white quartz countertops.

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There are some simple steps that answer the question as to how to clean white quartz countertops.

You can use a dishwashing soap that is very mild. For the purpose of wiping, use a dishcloth or a sponge that is soft and damp.

Don't leave the hot surfaces on it for long time.

Anything that can discolor plastic may have an effect on the surface. Quartz is nonporous because of the process in which its created.. take hard stuff ”quartz stones, glass, shells etc” crush them up in to bits and bond them together with colored plastic.

Thus, you can easily follow the steps mentioned in order to make sure that your quartz countertop is clean and well maintained at all times. However, the first important question that you should remember to ask when you purchase the material is how durable is quartz countertops and then make your final choice.

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