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THis Is How We Work On Our RTA Cabinetry

Step One

Getting measurements is the first step to buy your dream kitchen cabinet. Prepare your measurements carefully for each stage of your project. Keep a notebook handy to list measurements needed for each item required for the project. Always double check measurements and make a notation in your project notebook.
When measuring for accuracy, use the tool of the professional contractor – a retractable tape measure.

What do I measure?
Basic measurements are three dimensional. height – H, width – W, length – L

Measure, then Re-measure!!!Accurate measurements save time and money on installation.

Measure and make a note of the measurements, then always double-check your measurements!

Step two

In many ways designing your kitchen is the most important step in your kitchen renovation. Our designer will work one on one with you to design the placement and layout of your future Kitchen. There are so many details, a lot of Designing tips that we know , all of those we need to walk you through. Once a designer has finished your kitchen layout they will show you the 3D Renderings.

Once we finished the Kitchen Design with Flooring Plan, Elevation view rendering and Isometric View rendering, customer need to confirm with Cabinetry Installation Contractor all those numbers, size of all appliances which will showed on the Flooring Plan.

We also have the Quartz Countertops displayed in showroom, and we carry most of them in stock. Our designer will showed you all color and size that we have and the size that you need.

step three

Congratulations ! Once you placed the order, you can pick up your order on the same day. Yes ! We do have all in stock , no special order, no leading time frame, as you are purchasing from a Factory Direct Wholesaler Warehouse.

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